'Shanghai Gift' list for the year unveiled

2021-09-30    shanghai.gov.cn

Looking for souvenirs that most represent Shanghai? Here are some tips.

Shanghai’s cultural and tourism authorities yesterday revealed this year’s “Shanghai Gift” list as part of the ongoing Shanghai Tourism Festival.

In total, 245 types of souvenirs blending traditional Chinese culture, haipai (Shanghai-style) flavor and innovative designs were selected.

These include food, clothing, culture and innovation-related products, jewelry, wine and cosmetics, according to the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism.

They fully display the wide range of options in Shanghai’s tourism shopping, and the majority are from time-honored local brands, the administration said.

These products tell the story of Shanghai and their design reflects distinct Shanghai flavor, the administration said.

These include a shikumen (unique Shanghai stone-gate residence) gift box of Jinfeng Wine and the popular Normandie Apartments-shaped ice cream, and their designs are based on the city’s architectural landmarks.

Some bear the memories of generations of Shanghainese.

These include the red bean paste cake from Xing Hua Lou restaurant founded in 1851, pickled and liquor-laced food from Shao Wan Sheng restaurant, and pear syrup from Yuyuan Garden.

Meanwhile, 59 shops have been selected as “Shanghai Gift”-designated shopping venues.

Forty-six are located on famous streets and business circles such as Nanjing Rd E. and Shaanxi Rd N., as well as landmark tourist attractions and transport hubs such as the Yuyuan Garden scenic area, Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Pudong International Airport.

They enable tourists to enjoy the fun of shopping for Shanghai souvenirs conveniently while on trips, the administration said.

The selection process took more than two months.

All selected shops and souvenirs bear a unified logo for tourists’ reference.