High-speed rail links Shanghai with Zhangjiajie

2021-09-29    shanghai.gov.cn

Residents in Shanghai can choose high-speed railway when planning a trip to view tourist attractions in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, from October 11, the China Railway Shanghai Group said yesterday.

From 12am on October 11, the national railways will use the fourth-quarter train operation map, and the Yangtze River Delta Railway will optimize and adjust the passenger train and freight train operation plan at the same time, the group said.

A new high-speed rail linking Zhangjiajie, Jishou and Huaihua in Hunan will begin operation with a two-way high-speed route G1369/68 and G1367/70 running between Shanghai Hongqiao Station and Zhangjiajie West Station.

The shortest travel time between Shanghai and Zhangjiajie will be cut to eight hours and 46 minutes, and it only takes eight hours from Shanghai to Fenghuang County.

Also, the new map optimizes the high-speed trains running on the Shanghai-Zhejiang section of the Shanghai-Kunming Railway with more trains being put into service to ease traffic pressure. Railway authorities remind passengers to pay attention to the changes in the selected train number when buying tickets and traveling.