Red path to history opens soon


A sightseeing path featuring key revolutionary sites in downtown Shanghai is to be featured soon to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

The 7.1-kilometer “Red Classic Path” in Huangpu District will connect 14 historic sites related to the CPC.

They include the Memorial of the First National Congress of the CPC, the former editorial department of the periodical La Juenesse, also known as New Youth, and the former residence of Zhou Enlai, China’s first premier.

Bronze floor tiles with the logo of the path will guide tourists and residents to review the revolutionary history of the city, the Shanghai Road Transport Administrative Bureau said yesterday.

Huangpu is the birthplace of the Party and has 146 revolutionary sites. That is the largest concentration in Shanghai.

The path mainly runs through Madang and Xingye roads as well as Fuxing Road M. and Huangpi Road S. Circular bronze tiles are placed every 18 meters along the route.

Construction of the path is almost complete and will open to the public soon, starting from the memorial site of the First National Congress.