Faster 5G connections at flower expo


Mobile download speeds have surpassed family broadband levels at the 10th China Flower Expo on Chongming Island, enabling visitors to enjoy a range of 5G services and innovations, such as livestreaming, Vlogs, video conferences, virtual reality and cloud games, it was revealed yesterday.

By the end of April, carriers including China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom had built 2,468 outdoor 5G base stations on the island, covering the entire flower exhibition area and providing faster 5G connections, according to industry regulators from the Shanghai Commission of Economy and Information Technology.

Real-time download speeds at the flower expo are around 3 gigabytes per second, three times faster than normal family broadband services.

“It’s fast and impressive, far exceeding my expectations,” said Jiang Junmu, a veteran tech industry observer who visited the expo over the weekend.

5G signals cover not only the expo site, but also the 100-kilometer route from downtown to the site, as well as highways and transportation hubs, the commission and mobile carriers said.

With 5G networks, Shanghai Mobile also offers operation and control systems for the expo, covering intelligent transportation, ticketing, security and park operation systems. “The expo is a new window for Shanghai to showcase the latest 5G applications and innovations,” a commission official said.

Shanghai Telecom has set up a volunteer team of 50 people to support its 5G network and introduce 5G applications to visitors, including games.

A majority of the 5G base stations have been redesigned or “hidden” in walls and gardens, providing a better landscape for the flower expo.