Shanghai hospital to jointly build national oral medical center

2021-01-11    Shanghai Daily (SHINE)

A new national oral medical center has been approved for the Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital.

The Shanghai Ninth, with hospitals in Beijing and Sichuan Province, will co-build the center. 

Each will have its own features and will cooperate to lead and push the overall development of the field.

The National Oral Medical Center will be the eighth national medical center that the National Health Commission has built. Centers have already been established for children’s health, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

The oral medical center is the second national medical center located in Shanghai. 

The Shanghai Children’s Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of Fudan University have gained approval to co-build the National Children’s Medical Center.

The national oral medical center will focus on research and clinical practice on the relationship between oral microecology and major chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.