Businesses ignoring plastic bag ban


Some local businesses were found still providing non-degradable plastic straws or bags to consumers despite a ban on disposable plastic bags effective this year.

Disposable plastic bags, whether degradable or not, are banned in the city’s shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies and bookstores, while non-degradable plastic bags cannot be used for food delivery, and non-degradable plastic straw and tableware cannot be provided in restaurants.

Market watchdog inspectors in Zhuanqiao Town, Minhang District, found an outlet of Huiyoumate Supermarket providing plastic bags to consumers yesterday and ordered its operator to fix the problem.

The operator removed all plastic bags immediately.

At Xuhui ASE Mall, several beverage and catering businesses were found providing non-degradable plastic straw or bags to consumers as found by the reporter on Tuesday.

At Fresh Love, a fruit juice business at the shopping mall, non-degradable plastic bags were provided, while non-degradable plastic straws were found available for consumers at Wa Ha Ha, a beverage business inside the mall.