City breaks into top 10 for global appeal


Shanghai made the biggest jump in overall ratings to become the first city in China’s mainland to enter the global top 10 appealing cities, according to the latest Global Power City Index.

Among its major achievements were the strong and effective measures it took to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and develop alternative ways of working, according to the study compiled by the Institute for Urban Strategies at Japan’s Mori Memorial Foundation.

“Experiencing the impact of COVID-19 earlier than many other cities, Shanghai took the opportunity to accelerate the development of new ways of working,” the survey said.

Shanghai improved its score in all functions aside from research and development, lifting its overall score and overtaking Sydney to become the 10th most appealing city.

The study, which dates back to 2008, evaluates the overall power of global cities based on their economy, accessibility, environment, research and development, cultural interaction and livability. This year’s survey, conducted in August, reflected the influence of the pandemic in a number of sectors such as work style flexibility and urban cleanliness.

Shanghai was in 11th place for its economy, moving up from 16th last year by increasing its score for workplace options, such as higher fixed broadband speeds amid working from home or remote working.

It achieved fourth place in satisfaction with urban cleanliness, while remaining top for total employment, and had top-class scores in nominal GDP and GDP growth rate. The top five cities — London, New York, Tokyo, Paris and Singapore — have remained unchanged since 2016.