Transport rules for frozen food


Transport rules for cold-chain products have been tightened in Shanghai to lower the risk from imports amid the global pandemic.

According to a guideline issued by the transport commission, containers with imported cold-chain products should not be opened during transportation from ports to distribution bases.

Drivers and passengers should minimize contacts with workers at destinations.

Logistics companies have been told to intensify checks on customs clearance, disinfection and the origins of import goods. Transport vehicles should be disinfected after each trip.

Personnel health management has also been tightened in terms of temperature checks and wearing protective gear. Front-line workers will be tested for coronavirus once every month.

Meanwhile, a third-party test company will take samples of imported cold-chain products. Ten samples will be taken from each vehicle, according to the market supervision administration.

All high-risk food, including frozen meat, poultry and seafood, should undergo tests at transfer centers first before going to the public.